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Services - Fleet vehicle rental in Gunnedah

Our job is to get you moving

At Ultra Fleet Pty Ltd in Gunnedah, our fleet vehicle rental company are focussed on delivering excellence every time. We're situated in the heart of the mining area in the northwest and are willing to service the North West and Hunter Valley areas. We organise and arrange our vehicle services tailored to suit your needs and where necessary, supply you with extra vehicles. We are the experts in customising vehicles to comply with all standards required in the excavation, drilling and geology or mining industries.

Mining vehicle accessories

Our outstanding full mining compliance vehicles come complete with the following accessories:
  • Standard First Aid kit
  • UHF tuned into mine frequency
  • fire extinguisher (9kg)
  • canvas car seat covers
  • certified ROPs
  • heavy-duty rubber mats
  • lockable fuel cap
  • lockable battery isolator and more.

Door to door service

Our vehicles are always fully maintained and serviced and comply with safety standards at all costs by us. Our fire extinguishers are always thoroughly inspected by Chubb fire safety every 6 months. We are underpinned by our dedication to safety, first and foremost.

Our commitment

We promise to deliver fully equipped vehicles according to compliance standards that won't let you down. We strive to assist you in cutting down on costs by providing everything you need at our one stop fleet vehicle rental shop. Our commitment to delivering and exceeding customer expectations is what continues to drive us on a daily basis.

Ultra Fleet Pty Ltd - PO Box 727 Gunnedah, NSW 2380 - T: 1300 653 277 - enquiries@ultrafleet.com.au

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